LISBON, OH- In a special debut for Lisbon, YSN’s Coaches Corner hosted an exclusive interview with the brand new football coach for the Lisbon Blue Devils at David Anderson High School. Bill Meek, a veteran coach with 35 years of experience, was introduced as the first-time head coach during the episode.

Meek, who comes from a coaching family and has extensive experience coaching in various schools, emphasized his excitement for the new opportunity. His retirement from the federal prison service paved the way for him to apply for the head coaching job, fulfilling a career milestone he had been waiting for.
Having a strong connection to Lisbon, Meek reflected on his previous coaching stint in 2003 and highlighted the significance of the football tradition in the community. With a focus on team unity and a strategy centered around the team’s strengths, he expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season despite the changes in the roster.

The episode also revealed some surprising additions to the coaching staff, including three experienced coaches, one of whom is an 83-year-old veteran with exceptional expertise in football strategies.
Meek’s coaching style, rooted in a belief in discipline and a team-first approach, reflects his background as a therapist. His emphasis on representing the school and community in a first-class manner indicates a commitment to the holistic development of his players.

The Lisbon community eagerly anticipates the arrival of Coach Meek and his staff as the Blue Devils prepare for what could be an exciting season in the Eastern Ohio Athletic Conference (EOAC).
With high hopes for the future, Lisbon welcomes Coach Bill Meek as he embarks on this new chapter with the Blue Devils.